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We are nurses of Malawian origin, permanently resident in the United Kingdom (UK). We are self-organizing and self-governing, with a common interest. We share a passion for health and for empowering our membership. We strive to achieve excellence in our daily lives and the community we serve.


Covid-19 experiences have exposed our vulnerability and fragility as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) frontline workers. We are undisputedly part of the backbone of the National Health Service (NHS), and unmeasurably contribute our knowledge and skills to the NHS. Also, from the training we acquired both from Malawi and the UK, we are well-positioned to understand the health plight of Malawi as a country. There has been significant interest and demand by Malawian-UK Registered Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors seeking to reach beyond just caring for our families and the NHS here in the UK, but go further to do our part by giving back to mother Malawi. It is against this background that the charitable organisation Malawi-UK Nurses Association was formed.


Malawian-UK Nurses Association is committed to providing a unified voice, support and advocacy to its members. As an independent charitable association, MUNA envisages addressing public health policy issues, by providing high quality, accessible and equitable health services to all the people, in collaboration with our local international stakeholders.


MUNA aims to improve access to essential healthcare services for all Malawians and to contribute towards the health of communities in Malawi and UK in accordance with the global commitment to attain Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030. In order to advance and facilitate the implementation of MUNA’s objectives, the association will engage in and support sponsorship for needs assessed projects.


  • 1. Enhance welfare, living, and working standards for MUNA members"
    - provide personal welfare solutions or signpost where this is not immediately available. - advocate for improving nursing practice and improve health care. - engage and support MUNA members in issues currently challenging the nursing profession. - Equality and inclusion activities benefitting all MUNA members and the public. - Help MUNA members present grievances and experiences in practice and to help mitigate solutions.
  • 2. Achieve excellence in Nursing Education and development in the UK and Malawi
    - Contribute to a globally competitive workforce network with other nursing associations in liaison with local and international partners. - Participate in research and development, inform policy, practice and allocation of resources. - Collaborate with stakeholders (NGOs/agencies/individuals) - Support training for our MUNA members in the UK and nurses in Malawi.
  • 3. Fundraise to develop a strong financial resource base to enable efficient planning, implementation and ongoing evaluation of projects in Malawi and the UK."
    - Support charitable causes for Malawi including applications for grants/funding to support development projects in Malawi. - Develop links with other agencies, governmental and non-governmental. - Convene once a year for a celebratory Annual General Conference to celebrate achievements as well as review our activities, resources, budget and goals.
  • 4. Coordinate and collaborate
    - Support and empower health workers’ and identify training and skill needs. - Provide home-based care skills in line with the health care delivery system in Malawi. - Conduct multimedia educational sessions with MUNA members in accordance with guiding principles and policies in UK and Malawi. - Connect with nurses with mutual interests and offer a range of virtual as well as face to face networking opportunities. - Assist with the development of infrastructures and sourcing equipment where possible for Malawi
  • 5. Participate in publicising and protecting Malawi’s heritage
    - Promote tourism in Malawi. - Offer evidence-based advice and signpost our stakeholders to the relevant health system agencies in matters related to Malawi. - Raise awareness of conditions and their management: cancer, diabetes, mental disorders and stroke etc. - Support in improving health infrastructure: developing pathways to various conditions, renovating wards where practical and adopt a Ward as a model of care.
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