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Tropical Cyclone Freddy

Appeal for help

During the week of 13 th March 2023, Malawi experienced the worst natural disaster :Cyclone Freddyever experienced by the Southeast African country. Cyclone Freddy has so far killed hundreds of people Malawian-UK Nurses Association (MUNA) is appealing to its members and the public for financial
assistance to help thousands of people who have been affected by Cyclone Freddy in Malawi. Hundreds of people have been killed with over 1000 seriously injured and thousands of people displaced in the Southern part of
Malawi lacking shelter, food, clean and safe water, and drugs. This disaster is coming at the midst of
Cholera outbreak.
Funds raised will be used for the urgent procurement of material resources including but not limited to tents, food, provision of clean water, drugs, and technical as well as specialist support.

Any contribution is welcome to help us get to our target quickly. If a financial and material contribution is not possible, please share and amplify our call to action. With everyone’s help, we
can achieve this.
Please use MUNA bank account details at Starling Bank as below:

Account Number: 64957799
Sort Code: 608371

For further information of our Association please visit our website at
Thank you in advance from the MUNA Leadership Team

Go fund me at:

Project: Phase and time line

Immediate response by 31st March 2023

Mid term: July 2023

Long term: Rehabilitation

Project 2 ongoing Proposal: Renovate a ward in Malawi 2022-2023.


We are now fundraising! Please support the cause.

Other projects:

  • Support healthcare training in Malawi 

  • Model ward: Adopt a Ward

  • Renovate hospitals 

  • Acquisition of equipment 

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A picture showing a healthcare washing Nasal Cannula for re-use during COVID 19 Pandemic in Malawi

Solidarity. We are in this together.

Nurses receiving Nasal Cannulas at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Malawi

MUNA's sourced Nasal Cannula towards COVID relieving efforts in Malawi 2021 with the help of our well wishers

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