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Why Join Us?


By joining MUNAA, you will be part of a community that will make an impact and transform the lives of Malawians in the UK and in Malawi 

  • Connect with like-minded individuals: Meet and share ideas, grow and develop 

  • Receive professional and social support: coaching and mentorship 

  • Get access to formal and informal educational events including educational workshops during the annual general meeting as well as through webinars 

  • Engage in research to inform policy 

  • Teach in nursing schools in Malawi 

Membership is open to all Malawian Nurses/Midwives, Nurse Associates, Students, and Health Visitors based in the UK. 

Read terms of reference and constitution. 



 Be part of a team to make positive health changes in UK and Malawi 


Connect and Network

 Be inspired, share information, gain access to tools and resources to support you in your career 


Advance and Develop

Be nurtured to achieve your full potential. Contribute to health agendas by improving the well being of communities in Malawi and UK


Malawi UK Nurses Association Needs Assessment Questionnaire

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