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This communication is to keep you informed and updated on developments. The weather forecast is set to be hot for the next week with warnings of heat alert. While we enjoy this sun, sunny spells can pose health risks like skin cancer and sunburn even on darker skin. Lets remember to use sunscreen. Main risks posed by heatwave include dehydration, heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Look out for signs of heat stroke such as headache, dizziness, confusion, loss of appetite, feeling sick, excessive sweating, pale/greyish, clammy skin, cramps in arms, legs and stomach, tachypnea, tachycardia and temperature of 38 C or above and thirst. .With heat health alert issued please lets remember to take breaks and rehydrate.

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Malawian British Midwife Recognised

Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent 22-11-2021


Ruth recognised for dedication to safe care in Maternity
Ruth Nathambwe, Ward Sister on the Sherwood Birthing Unit, has been presented with the Chief Midwifery Officer’s Silver Award by Professor Dunkley-Bent for her commitment to improving safety and experience for mums and babies being cared for by #TeamSFH.

Delivering the award virtually to Ruth, who tuned in remotely for the presentation, Professor Dunkley-Bent praised the way she had demonstrated enormous compassion and authenticity with her team during a time of rapid change and uncertainty, providing visible clinical leadership in challenging times.

She was nominated for the award for consistently
demonstrating #TeamSFH’s values and behaviours, holding others to account with diplomacy and kindness. 

MUNA team is proud of the achievement of our member and wants to encourage others to continue contributing positively to the Health Sector.


Congratulations Ruth!


Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent


Ruth Nathambwe a Silver award recipient

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